3 Reasons to Call Sara E. Coppin Today

Partner with a Grass Valley, CA immigration attorney

Do you need help:

  1. Getting a family member through the immigration process?
  2. Applying for naturalization?
  3. Dealing with a criminal case as an immigrant?

If so, you’ve come to the right legal team. The Law Office of Sara E. Coppin can help you succeed in your immigration case in the Nevada County, California area. Our lead counsel, Sara E. Coppin, will stand up for your rights throughout the process. She’ll take a hands-on approach to your case.

Here are three reasons to make Sara E. Coppin your immigration representative:

1. She's experienced in immigration law

Sara E. Coppin began working for an immigration law firm right after passing the bar. She has represented immigrants for removal proceedings in San Francisco and throughout the United States. Sara represents immigrant clients from all over Northern California as well. She understands the ins and outs of the federal immigration process.

2. She'll fight for your family

Sara E. Coppin has a firsthand understanding of how federal and state laws affect families. She has litigated scores of immigration cases in the San Francisco Immigration Court. In addition, Sara represented an immigrant in a case that went before the California Supreme Court and won. Now, Sara brings her big city skills and experience to her current and future clients in and around Grass Valley, CA. She’ll explore every option to help your family members stay together.

3. She'll help you move forward

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in the Nevada County, or anywhere in California, reach out to Sara E. Coppin. She can help you:

Call 530-401-6891 to schedule an initial consultation.